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23 July 1986
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Cube/Sebastian/Whatever he's calling himself today is a 21 Year Old Lesbian Obsessed Mancunian from Manchester. He lives in constant fear of being attacked by spiders or nurses who want to take his blood. He also has a vague fear of a type of scorpion that he thinks might be living in the Greater Manchester area.

He tries to write things sometimes although he doesn't get very far. He doesn't get writer's block. He gets quite the opposite. He has so many ideas that it's difficult to see any specific ones through to fruition. He once finished a book but it was probably a fluke based on the fact that the book had little to no overarching storyline and was just a collection of random ideas.

He has lots of interests. Far too many to be contained within an interests box. If you are wondering whether he likes something then just ask. He seriously doesn't mind and if you suggest that he might like it he will eventually watch it.

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