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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Episode 999: (Other Episodes Are Available)

Posted on 2006.08.20 at 23:27
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Okay so I'm not officially a friend of the Russell Brand radio experience (other radio experiences are available) but when they read my emails out for four (other numbers are available) weeks in a row I think I'm more or less allowed to start boasting now (other forms of celebration are available).

Anyway I'm off to see Snakes On A Plane yesterday (other tense confused statements are available). The only film in the history of the world comparable to a Ronseal product (i.e. does exactly what it says on the tin). So that'll be hysterical I'm sure, even if it doesn't quite mean to be. Speaking of music I've been listening to Snow Patrol a fair bit over the last couple of days (other methods of measuring the week are available). That's been good (other emotions are available).

Anyway (other forms of starting a paragraph are available, surprisingly) I'm off now. Bye (other forms of saying farewell that sound like the verb buy are available).

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