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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Episode 342: The 'Argh! Stop updating you've made your point for heavens sake' Episode

Posted on 2006.06.24 at 00:35
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Look at that, yesterday, well today. Whatever. Would you just look at it? Two posts. Count them, unless you're not very good at counting you won't find one more or one less. Or even any other numbers more or less. The number that there is a very simple one. It's two.

Now consider, this bit's harder by the way, if you were struggling with the counting I'd leave now and openly make fun of stupid people. No, distracted there, I couldn't think of any words and all I could think of was a man stood there making high pitched 'urrrgh!' noises, and shaking his hand like he's 'down with the kids'. Anyway sweeping aside that man, although you'd have to use a big brush (haw haw!) we'll get on with business. This bit isn't exactly business but if I don't state it you may all be looking at me thinking 'you idiot!' and I'd be pretty sort of without words again. Anyway I've started laughing in a stupid voice at jokes that clearly aren't funny in the hope that someone will make the advert better so they don't have to hear my stupid voice any more. Haw Haw is the best literary equivalent I can find. Not that I spent days looking mind you. I just sat and thought 'hmm, haha? Nope. Hehe? Nope. I know Haw Haw.' About third on the list then. Anyway onto proper business.

Proper Business starts here: There it's started now. So right, here we are then. All we all considering? This is what we need to consider now; that some months I post twice or sometimes less. Now ladies and gentlemen considering this fact, and bearing it in mind with the number two that was the number of yesterday's post can anyone tell me anything about value for money? Now theres a monthsworth of posting goodness crammed into the jam tight confines of twenty four hours. And what's more you don't even have to pay for it. It's just there in front of you. Bam! No matter what time, day or night you might want to be entertained, whap! Right there, there it is.

That's about it really. I was really just pumping words out before but it's suddenly like I've ran dry of words. Nevermind, you've still had the value of a month and you can't quibble with that. Unless you're like a supervillain called The Quibbler, whose only power is the ability to argue over minor details. This really annoys superheros and if done for long enough will force them to commit suicide. But don't do that, because where would we be without our superheroes. Like Spiderman. He's a good one, and he's making a new film. So go and see that, and don't quibble with him for heavens sake.

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