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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Episode 340: A New Game

Posted on 2006.06.23 at 13:33
Current Music:: Red Hot Chillis - Can't Stop
Okay, so when I leave the house on those rare occassions it helps to have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained on those long trasin journeys etc. So, aside from the obvious one of taking a book along and seeing if anybody on the train etc will start talking to you about it. So far nobody ever has. Bloody rude bastards!

Aside from that game anyway, there's a new game. It's the game of kings, is picked up in seconds and once learnt it is never forgotten. Or so my marketing guy says anyway. See now that's what I'm talking about, I just invented the game yesterday and I've already got a marketing guy for it, apparently. He claims to be my marketing guy but he's just sat in a pair of flip flops eating all my cereal. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because EVERYONE needs to know about my new game.

Anyway, yeah, the game itself is simplicity itself. Though that's not the name of the game. Although I should try and come up with a game I can call Simplicity Itself. Maybe that kind of game would be making fun of people who were a bit simple as brazenly as you can and seeing if they notice. Anyway, try that, tell me what you think, but this game first. Lesbianspotting. There you go, hows that for a title? It's not actually a title though, it's more a name. Anyway hows that for a name? As the aforementioned fantastic name suggests this game involves spotting lesbians. And that's it. Fantastic or what? My best score so far: 2 (possibly).

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