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Tatu 16

Cube goes less typing crazy than you may have been led to believe.

Posted on 2006.04.24 at 20:25
Current Mood:: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music:: Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
After doing a number of random searches throughout the entire history of this thing, I reached some shocking conclusions.
Numero Uno: I talk about lesbians far less than I should be doing.
Numero Dos (i think): I say far less random words than I should be doing. Like flag, sausage, mole, salad, golfball, tetanus, scarab, monsoon, liquid fox and operation. I know that just listing them in a big list doesn't really make up for the disturbing lack of these words but say if I had a little story about them, or involving them then that would be okay wouldn't it?

Okay so here we go, dressed up to the nines with nowhere to go; lets hit it! (By the way that last sentence had no meaning whatsoever). Damn I want to do this but I'm relucting to turn off Taking Back Sunday in order to concentrate. I'll be right back in five minutes. Imagine each of the following lines is one minute. That's how long I'm gone for.

Right, so you're probably thinking thats more than 5 lines. Thats 20 lines. Has he been gone for 20 minutes? No. He's been gone for 20 months. It's now December 2007. This is me doing an edit by the way. I've reworked the story that I told and made it less me attempting to say a list of words and more me trying to tell a story. Head over to the preface for more information. If you really want to see me trying to link a list of words together in a story here we go.

My flag is a sausage, stolen by a mole. I humble myself before the lord in the hope that he will return my stolen sausage and humbled I eat only sausageless salad. A golfball I mistake for God and pray to it instead. Angry man with tetanus dog isn't terribly pleased about the turn of events. I leave, to egypt to reclaim my long lost flag prize. A scarab buried in the sand taunts me with it's dying jig. A monsoon is coming and a fox of liquid rattles from between the bins. A spectre or a dying spirit in a materialistic world. Heaven can now be achieved via an operation.

By the way this is tagged xmas ramble 06 because thats the closest thing I have to a story tag. I could just create a story tag but it might be a bit of work. I'm changing the icon as well. Just so you know.

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