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Buffy - Willow and Tara
Posted on 2006.01.29 at 18:38
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So here I am again, time to do the thing. And by do the thing I mean update the... thing. Once again I'm binging on completing games. I've finished eight games that would otherwise have gone unfinished and thats just in this, the grand month of January. Actually now that I think about it, January is more or less over now. Finito, Kaput, erm... Done. So it'll be Feburary next and thats a whole other story, one that includes pancakes and Little Britain and the return of 24, and the release of a bunch of new games. Yep. So Feburary really is one of the months to watch out for this year. Then again with their only generally being twelve months in a year there really isn't enough months to give special awards out to them.
If there was then January would win the award for being the best month which started promisingly and I thought I'd start updating the thing again but that ended up with me not bothering for about half of the month of the year. Anyway thats it for now. Seeya.

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