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Lean Mean Livejournal Updating Machine

Posted on 2005.10.13 at 01:28
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Okay so I'm totally in the mood to update this bad boy. Okay so bad boy was a mistake, but I'll deal with that later, possibly after the dawn of the apocalypse. Okay so what do I have to talk to you about tonight?
1. AA Games.
2. Alsations.

That's about it. Now AA Games, this is an idea like you've probably never heard before, which means it's either very good or very bad. Or a mixture of the two. Well at first I thought perhaps it would be a game about going and helping people whose cars have broke down but that would be pretty awful so it probably isn't that. The second thought I had would it would be a game, probably produced by the government, to simulate someone who is trying to give up alcohol. You have to attend a lot of AA meetings and there could be like button bashing minigames where you try to keep your willpower up. Yeah that's pretty awful as well but it's probably better than the helping broken down cars one, which is worse than some kind of automated scrapheap of a game.

The Alsations is pretty low on actual content for a topic of communication and consists principally on the idea that someone, probably not in full containment of their senses builds a house with alsations on hinges instead of doors. Yeah. I can't think of how to spin this one out much longer. They'd probably bite you or something. I personally don't like alsations... discuss!

So today it's like magazine day and I get a magazine (which is a big shock as i usually get a container of bullets on magazine day) and I read it and I'm all excited for like tons of new games and stuff. Like for example, resident evil 4. Only once played any of the others, after reading the review I must go out and buy this game. I mean come on there's people with leather bag heads and chainsaws. How can anyone turn that down? Except maybe some guy who has been traumatised by someone with a leather bag for a face earlier in life, like for example the guy at the cornershop had a leather bag for a face and frequently overcharged them for penny chews and stuff. Anyway, fun for all the family.

The moral of the story is, that if you don't buy the magazines you don't want the games. Except with liberty city stories, and oblivion. Points will be dispensed for those who know what they are. (Points have no value, be it monetary, sentimental, psychological or otherwise. They will however if you really press hard at me, be exchanged for minus twenty pounds. So the moral of the moral of the story is not to push me, cause I'm close to the edge. You know what I'm saying?)

The End.

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