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Namedropping Again It Seems

Posted on 2005.10.06 at 17:16
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So. Over the last few while everything I say in here seems to be like 'ooh I met Ross Noble.' or 'ooh I met someone, and I'm sure I must have met someone because thats what this place feels like but I can't actually remember meeting anyone else recently'. Now you may all be thinking in those heads of yours, oh look he's come to talk about Ross Noble again. And although I could come and talk about going to the Noble signing in Sheffield I am instead here to talk about something else, but it still comes under the heading of namedropping. Oh Rik Mayall. that's who else I met. Thoroughly nice bloke as well by the by, but you already know that because you're fully up to date with all my issues. Well not issues, I suppose I kind of meant problems or something, but issues works just as well as long as I don't get confused with a magazine. And thinking about it problems wouldn't have worked because meeting Rik Mayall isn't like the major problem of the year. Although he could quite possibly be giving the award for major problem of the year.

Anyway on Monday I'm off to meet Neil Gaiman. So... nyah!

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