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The Cheek Of Old People

Posted on 2005.08.09 at 20:17
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Yesterday while queuing up in an orderly fashion to get a train ticket for the train I was stood there, in the queue, some chinese people had already pushed in front of me but thats another story entirely which I must confess ends happily. Anyway there I was waiting for the chinese people to comprehend what was being said to them and move on, when this old woman, without even waiting for the chinese people to leave the counter went and stood right next to them, just walked straight past the queue. I could have tore her head off, if i could have tore her head off, that is, if i had the ability to tear her head off.

Anyway chinese people were headed to the same stop as I was and I heard the bloke telling them, several times, that they had to get on the train pretty damn quick as it was due to go in like two or three minutes, so once I managed to rip the old womans head off and get my ticket I flew down the stairs to the train and climbed on as fast as I could without my legs accidentally flying off due to the sheer speed with which i was moving. Well anyway I sat down at the first table I found (don't you all just love sitting at tables on trains even if your on your own?) and looked out of the window to see the chinese people wandering around cluelessly as we sailed out of the station.
So, as I said, happy ending. For me anyway.

I also was accosted by a survey woman while crossing a dangerous tram path (populated, as you may have guessed, by dangerous trams). What is it about me that attracts survey people to come up at me and try and sell me all kinds of crap? Is it that sign I wear saying 'survey people please come up at me and try to sell me all kinds of crap'? Surely you'd think they'd realise I was only wearing the sign ironically.

... The End


catindisguise at 2005-08-09 20:09 (UTC) (Link)
I was kidnapped by a survey person once. She asked us if we could answer a few quick questions and then she took us up to the top of some building and made us use some computer and answer questions about lucozade. It took about half an hour and all she gave us was a crappy pen.

Now the same survey people have formed some kind of wall across the top of Bold Stree so you have to dodge them and run off really quickly. Bastards.
mr_cloud at 2005-08-10 13:24 (UTC) (Link)
Did the woman with the survey have a clipboard? If so then my advice is that whenever you see someone with a clipboard pretend to be on your mobile phone. Then they ignore you, well it always works for me.
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