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Buffy - Willow and Tara
Posted on 2005.07.30 at 21:47
Current Music:: Can't Take It - All American Rejects
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You know what'd be a great job. Being some kind of teacher. I mean sure you'd have to put up with stupid children, but there an upshot to this. I know I bet you'd never thought you'd find me saying something positive about children eh? Well don't get used to it. Anyway the positive is that they'll believe any damn fool thing you care to tell them. "M&Ms are actually the soul of the planet regurgitated in pellet form?" Sure why not? "A Giant Moth inhabits the timestream around the month of May and devours anyone foolish enough to try to travel in time either to or from a May?" Yep, whatever. So that's the only decent reason to get a job as a teacher really, to break kids brains and get them to believe all kinds of stupid shit.

Okay so you twigged it, I'm not really here to discuss the ups and downs of teaching a class full of minature morons. I'm here to ask the gathered masses patiently awaiting a question to answer. So gathered masses (all four or five of you) here is the question for which you have spent your whole life searching:


What do you think? Yes? No? Giant Green Parsnips called Michael? Only now my hairs getting a bit longer again I'm getting the sort of inclination to give it a test out. Also if you happen to know where the hell you get those things you need to put in your hair to keep the thing in place that'd be much appreciated also.

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