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Buffy - Willow and Tara

The Story Of One Man on A Mission - A Mission to Meet Jasper Fforde... And a Monk.

Posted on 2005.07.12 at 21:57
Current Mood:: Wow
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Lets kick this off on a positive note. We damn well have enough of them. Wow!
Hows that for positive? Lets try it again, and I urge you, join in with me. Wow!
One last time? Wow!

Okay so on that upbeat note I could describe about five or six really, and when i say really i mean really, attractive girls that I saw on the way to the book signing, but I'm guessing that even though these are so attractive as to induce the saying of 'Wow!' Nobody is really that interested.
So. On to the book signing and the talk and everything. Well he talked for about an hour about how Star Wars is really crap nowadays and then about Dr. Who and how it has him checking his back seat for evil dolls with a pigs cortex. Then he talked about Thursday Next and Jack Spratt and all that for a while. And so on.

Then it was the singing and I questioned him over the whole fictional/real aspect of the book and even managed to tell him something he hadn't thought of. Then I told him the end was unexpected and teh goodness. I also managed to interrogate him over the Jellyman and the pronunciation of a couple of the unpronouncable words.

However to add further to the wow factor of the day I met a monk on the way who tried to sell me a book. He was a nice bloke, even though he did speak with an australian accent.

So. once again Wow for the day. And huzzah for it all.

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