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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Ghost Pants and The Rollercoaster Of Doom

Posted on 2005.06.21 at 00:36
Current Music:: The Worst Is Yet To Come - Still Remains
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Okay. I'm not going to lie to any of you. I'm only here to give me sitting here an actual purpose, rather than just listening to awesome music. So don't expect the best thing ever. Even by my standards this might plummet into the Earth like a rollercoaster to never be seen again.
You know if I had a rollercoaster I'd call it Twisty Bastard. I'm sure I've probably said this before but its so perfect. You can just picture someone running after it shouting in a Ross Noble type way 'come back you Twisty Bastard!' Of course firstly we have to find a way to mobilise rollercoasters, but I'm hoping that if we build some feet onto them they'll get the idea and we'll have to run after them all over the place. In fact they'll probably be like some kind of unstoppable killing force and they'll have like a fairground palace and the smaller rides will be forced to go and get more humans to strap into the rollercoaster, because they get their power from the suffering of humans.

So, anyway. That went rather off the rails (another rollercoaster reference, get it?). So since I know when to stop, and generally it's before I've explained what the hell I meant by the last paragraph. By now I should start on some new subject like that all soap will be made out of paint and when people wash their faces their faces will be all painted and everything. How awesome would that be? Actually thats the lamest idea since that clown with leprosy and that white supremesist scout master over there.
Anyway, this music is awesome. And great times were had by all.

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