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Buffy - Willow and Tara

First Of The Month

Posted on 2005.06.01 at 14:21
Current Music:: Maximo Park - Grafitti
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The first of the month is usually the time when I go into convulted explanations about the months and all kinds of insanity. However I'm bored of that. So I thought long into the night to see if there was something else I could do instead. And the answer hit me like a Cambodian midget with a sandwich board. Every first of the month I will update as someone else entirely. I hope that similarly other people will be encouraged to update as others on the first of the month and eventually nobody will be who they say they are. So enough convulted explanations and let the altering of egos begin. This month: catindisguise

woo. hats.
I know it's all utter nonsense but... meh. hats! whatever. the real news is I've finally converted to lesbianism. Just to shut cube up... although actually it'll probably make him be at me more... bah! So in fact i don't have anything to say. no surprise there then.

Meow to the meow.

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