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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2005.05.01 at 11:14
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So... Maytime once more. Well anyone who can remember about thirty days back, or can be bothered to scroll up and down a bit until they find the bit where I blather on with weird theories about April will remember the time when I blathered on with weird theories about April. And thus, while I wait for the library to open today I have decided that I might as well do the same. Except replace the word April with May. Very soon you'll have enough facts to make some kind of weird calenderthing full of random Cube observations and lesbians very probably.

Anyway May is the oldest of all the months. It was first discovered hanging around the grand canyon looking lost. It has been thought frequently afterwards that it was some kind of alien creature which rode to earth in a giant meteor (the same meteor as which caused the Grand Canyon). It was captured by the government and talked at great length of all the other months which it had journeyed with. The government then set out to systematically hunting them down and using them to build a year. However, recently there has been further questioning of May and it turns out that this is another month which has been evading us for many many years. The government is keen to get this month and so make the year longer... for some reason. It is reputed to be small blue with two long black arms and answers to the name Jörgenst and is believed to come after July but before August in the full year.
If you have any idea where Jörgenst might be hiding out please let me know and we can start some kind of epic quest to save the year from the Government. Or something.

Anyway, May. May is the month in which 95% of people are born, because it was the only month for quite a while and so everyone had no choice but to be born in May. You may also be familiar with the Legend of The May Moth. Legend has it that during the month of May an evil moth can strike at anyone which it chooses. Thus is the legend of the May Moth... by the way it's bigger than a normal moth... and actually dangerous... I assume. It lives in the timestream that connects every May and which May an unsuitable month for time travel.

I hope this may have shed some light onto the month of May.
Yours Sincerely


jamesteeth at 2005-05-01 14:06 (UTC) (Link)
may is named after spiderman's aunt.
cube_166 at 2005-05-01 15:28 (UTC) (Link)
ssshh. you'll give away his secret identity.
jamesteeth at 2005-05-01 15:39 (UTC) (Link)
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