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And Phone Call Of The Year 2005 goes to...

Posted on 2005.04.06 at 23:30
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I could tell you all about the most aggrivating experience with the internet and trying to connect broadband to another computer, however I'm sick of that already. Instead I'll tell you about a different part of the tale, when I was calling PC World to find out the price of the components I would need to do this.
So I called up and was put in this queue and it was like all blah, and I'm there with a bit of paper I've wrote everything down on. Then eventually the bloke answers.
"Hello, this is Damien (or whatever the guys name was) how may I help you?"
"Well I would like to know the price of a wireless router and wireless network card, we have ntl and a cable modem."
"I'm sorry, this is the halifax (a bank). Who were you trying to call?"
"PC World."
"Oh don't worry. I've got a catalogue of theirs here with me. Would you like the phone number?"
"Yeah go on then." And the guy proceeds to give me the number. Best thing that's happened in ages.

Also before anyone makes any stupid jokes about me being unable to read phone numbers that was the actual number off the receipt that I got today.


benderette at 2005-04-07 10:54 (UTC) (Link)
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