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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Another Fantastic Weekend

Posted on 2004.03.27 at 13:57
Current Mood:: slightly annoyed, but not too much
Current Music:: Madonna - Mother And Father
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Great, looks like i'm stuck inside this weekend, as I really should be doing the business studies coursework and everything, also because I don't have enough cash to go and buy more things (which i should probably refrain from doing so that I don't end up in a room filled to the ceiling with things and having a hard time breathing, half of my floor seems irreparably covered with stuff now anyway so i'm partway there.)
I've just finished reading Apocalypso by Robert Rankin and to be honest I'd postponed this one to one of the last of his that i read as I seem to remember it not being his best work, just a collection of knob gags... how wrong i was. It wasn't the type of book that appears to be glued to my hand for days and days, but it was one that i read at almost every opportunity. I'm rereading the Brentford Quintology now (i've never managed to read it in the right order before, but that was mainly due to the availability of the books.)

I think I might spend waste a little time putting some of my past entries (those from another, not as good website) onto here.

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