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Gwen Stefani 4
Posted on 2004.12.27 at 01:44
Current Music:: The Used - Blue And Yellow
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Well I thought I'd have a full and proper christmas update, because well what the hell. So my cousins are around my house now, all hyper and hyped up and staying for about three weeks while the mess that is moving into a new house goes on. Anyway that wasn't really the point. The point is that I got one of those streamlined ps2s for Christmas and it's like the smallest thing I've ever seen... well not actually but it's like the smallest console ever, and it goes like bloody thunder. This year I didn't expect too much as I didn't ask anyone for anything so nobody knew what to get me, but I ended up with a Ross Noble Goes Global CD, Bill Bailey - Part Troll DVD, The Big Book Of Hell, far too much chocolate and some weird toast from cat. Oh and one of my cousins got a new phone, so he generously gave his old phone to me (it was newer than my old phone which i'd had for about three years). Anyway so I got full on turkey and moderately sozzled. But that isn't what prompted me to write this... boredom did that... but the point in the long run is that I had this dream the other night. It was set in Venice, i can tell because there was like rivers going through the streets (i know that is most likely not how the canals of venice work, but using my imagination this is what i picture) and i went into some innoculous looking shop, one that you wouldn't even notice or something. (I have no idea what innoculous means.) And anyway the point is that Gwen Stefani was having some kind of private performance or something in the back of the shop. But actually that isn't the point, the point is that ever since I've had this dream all I can think about is Gwen Stefani.

So thats it. It's not interesting but it has happened... or maybe it is interesting, i don't know. quite frankly if you're a fool enough to read the gibber I write you deserve to be bored out of your skin... or something... whatever.

P.S. Troy is such a snoozefest.


benderette at 2004-12-27 19:50 (UTC) (Link)
I like your icon. Gwen Stefani is cool
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