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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Just To Prove A Point

Posted on 2004.09.23 at 16:29
Current Music:: Dog/Glorious Silence
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Well today being Thursday and tomorrow being Friday it looks like I'm heading off to the city centre to pick up a copy of The Sims 2 because well I've heard recommendations for it and I have to spend my money elsewhere. At the moment I'm only updating to spite cja who can't hold a conversation and update at the same time because it confuses him!
So anyway what in the world should i talk about? Well I could talk about these awesome things I had ideas for but none of you listen enough to care anyway. And gleno replied to one of my last posts, but with the bone idleness that makes me a credit to my species (I figure I'm some kind of alien couch monster) I'm going to respond here, if i can remember what he was on about anyway. If my memory serves correctly he was saying that he never sees me around on msn or anything anyway. So heres your answer: because you live on the opposite side of the world and they have crazy time like when we're all awake your all asleep and probably the clocks spin around backwards.

Argh! I am going to murder this dog. It's one of those yippy ones that you just want to strangle and it doesn't ever shut up. Ahhh someones butchered it. Anyway I've proved cja wrong now, so I now stop talking satisfied that somewhere he's embarassed just to be alive.


gleno2004 at 2004-09-27 15:19 (UTC) (Link)
Also hamburgers eat people....
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