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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Warehouse 13 3x11/12 - Emily Lake/Stand

Posted on 2011.10.05 at 17:04
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Okay lets be honest I am reviewing these episodes mainly to have a dig at the one minor plot hole that annoyed me. Otherwise these episodes were pretty damn great. There was excitement, death, explosions, more death, redemption and yes more death. I don't know what else you could have possibly asked for. Assume during the following confused rant that I am actually very happy with these episodes and this is just a way to vent at the bizarre anomalous punishments one suffers at the hands of the Warehouse.

Bronzing; it's pretty much the worst punishment anyone can ever be forced to endure. To be encased in bronze, preserved for all perpetuity, with next to no hope of ever being freed, still alive, still conscious, forced to stare out of your body turned into your prison. THE WORST PUNSIHMENT.

So when she tries to destroy every living being on the planet they take her off. Off to some place which Myka and Pete and the viewer as well are left to presume is somehow worse than being bronzed. I remember being all about that, being like 'wtf could this possibly be that could be worse than being bronzed'. And it turns out that the thing worse than that is having your memories taken away and getting to live out the rest of your life as someone else.




And as if that wasn't pleasant enough for you, your memories aren't even lost forever. They're stored in a hologram thingy where every now and again if there's a chance you can be helpful you get to come out and help with a case. If not then you're turned off and left in a safety deposit box forever, but hey that's not so bad. I mean I know that is the equivalent to being dead (though not really because some part of you is off living a happy normal life) but considering the alternative this is barely even a punishment at all.

I don't know, I guess it would have been hard for them to come up with something as awful, or worse, than being bronzed, so they decided to go down a different route. But yeah it doesn't really make sense. First strike: The single worst punishment in the world, second strike: The equivalent of disneyland.

Whatever, the rest of the episode was great. I don't even mind that they are totally going to push the reset button on the destruction of the warehouse. It was such a great ending that they can do what they want.

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