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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 6x01 - Those Kind of Things - Review

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 13:20
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Hey look I guess it is review season again. I don't think I'm going to review everything in the world this time, but Dexter is a special exception because seriously <3 Dexter.

So yes Dexter. It's pretty great. This episode jumps straight into the action. Dexter has been stabbed and he has to call for an ambulance! OMG! I mentally prepare for this to be a flashback episode that shows exactly what happened to lead to this point, when psyche, he's after the ambulance workers.

Okay slightly less interesting than if he'd been stabbed but that is okay. Dexter always starts off a little slow and builds as the series goes. So things are going pretty great for Dex. Batista's sister is working as a nanny for Baby Harrison, who is about to start school, Dex is getting his kill on when he likes. Things are pretty great.

So he's off to his high school reunion to go after a murderer who he used to go to school with. There's some good scenes where he's trying to get the proof that it was this guy and things aren't going really great for him. The whole thing with Dex being unexpectedly popular was pretty great, though I am going to have to say that I do not trust that Trischa for a minute. Personal theory is she's a vigilante herself and she heard about Rita's death and figures it was Dexter (after all I can just imagine that everyone thought he was a little bit weird at school). She gets herself a DNA sample by hook or by crook and we haven't seen the last of her. Mark my words.

Intercut between these kind of antics is a storyline about these two guys who go and get some snakes. They do more stuff later but the whole cut to a pair of guys getting snakes was pretty wtfy. They then go and kill some guy, put his guts on some scales stuff his stomach full of snakes and sew him up with an Alpha-Omega sign. That's pretty creepy. In the end they are saying things like 'it has begun' and generally being strange and cryptic and it makes me hope that this isn't turning into Dexter In The Dark (the one with Moloch). If it's just people being creepy and culty then that's okay. That's one thing. If it goes any further than that then I am abandoning this program faster than you would believe.

The third storyline involves LaGuerta becoming Captain (via blackmail! I'm not terribly surprised) and perhaps Batista becoming Lieutenant. At the end of the episode after Creepy Quinn completely fails to ask Debs to marry him, there is a crazy guy shooting people in a restaurant. I'm not entirely sure why. The upshot is that Debs risks life and limb and subdues him while someone else captures it on their phone. I'm suspecting Debs becomes a big hero and is the new Lieutenant and oh shit that will make everything so tense between her and Batista.

Batista also had this weird storyline with his sister where its established that they didn't grow up together and he's really keen that she doesn't get mistaken for his girlfriend. I'm not sure what to make of that. Masuoka is a professor and he's got himself (or technically will have himself) a sexy new intern, which should be interesting.

Overall this episode was pretty great. There was plenty going on, and I've just realised I didn't even touch on Dexter wanting to learn about religion for the sake of Baby Harrison. I'm intrigued to see where the story goes this series, because as we all know from every season of Dexter, the first kill always blows up in his face in interesting ways.

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