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Buffy - Willow and Tara

The Wedding Of River Song

Posted on 2011.10.01 at 20:35
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It feels like the only thing I really use this thing for anymore is to complain about Doctor Who, and today will be no exception.

I love Doctor Who, and even more so I love Stephen Moffat. In the first series my favourite episodes were The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, in the second it was the Girl In The Fireplace, in the third Blink, fourth Silence In The Library. The fifth pretty much most of the episodes were great and this series well I'd struggle to name any really good episodes.

The whole thing with River Song is dumb, even if we discount the further dumbness added to it in this ridiculous series finale. The whole River is Amy's daughter and she was taken by some villains and brainwashed blah blah blah is dumb. It might have worked but the writers seem so desperate to avoid addressing this. It is completely ridiculous that we go from the big revelation that River is Amy's daughter to 'oh and if you see my daughter tell her i said hello' within the course of a couple of episodes. As though this situation is normal and somehow rational.

The first half of the series, the buildup to the big revelation was perhaps the best part of the series. After that it all goes to shit. The episode Lets Kill Hitler is perhaps the perfect example of an episode wherein the title was come up with and then the episode desperately and sloppily written around it. The whole thing about River being Amy's best friend and regenerating and all that bullshit was the most ridiculous bullshit I had ever seen, right up until the shapeshifting time travelling justice robot containing an entire group of people. The fact that the stupid time justice robot bullshit comes back and becomes a plot point, hell becomes the major plot point is the most ridiculous thing; the latest in a long line of ridiculous things.

After that you have one decent episode (The Girl Who Waited) and then dumbness culminating in tonights episode. I am in danger of overusing the word ridiculous, I should perhaps move onto ludicrous, absurd. I literally cannot overstate how preposterous the main storyline of Doctor Who has got. Okay everyone who doesn't want to know the big twist of how the Doctor survives his own death please look away now.

Throughout most of the episode the doctor is actually riding around inside the shapeshifting robot that has shapeshifted into his shape. Seriously.

Fuck this episode. This episode is the most convoluted peice of shit. I know this is a silly course of action to pursue but for a moment lets look at this logically. When he's on the shore of the lake desperately trying to convince River to kill him he goes so far as to let her fuck up the universe rather than telling her that he's in a robot and if she kills him then it is okay. I mean seriously. How do you expect to get away with that bullshit? It renders completely pointless all that pleading and all that crap that went on afterwards, all the shit about 'oh do you really love me' 'oh would you really suffer more than the rest of existence' fuck that shit. what the fuck.

And that isn't even getting started on the bullshit most obvious question bullshit. Doctor Who? Fuck that. Okay for us the viewer it is hidden in plain sight, I guess. Though I would argue that that is complete bullshit and that the identity of the doctor is never really supposed to be important so much as he's a guy in a box who wants to help. It is not supposed to be about revealing some kind of secret past or something. fuck that shit. fuck this whole episode.

In fact another thing about this episode, less egregious but no less fucking annoying is the whole thing with the silence. I mean come on lets imprison these monsters behind a thin layer of glass oh yes this is the best idea i am sure. Fuck that shit no thats not the specific complaint I had. It's like the weeping angels all over again. First appearance they were great and they get worse with every subsequent appearance (that is true of most enemies i.e. daleks and cybermen etcetera). I'm not saying that the silence are there yet but when in their second appearance you find a way to completely negate the one interesting aspect of the silence (the memory thing) it does kind of question the wisdom of having recurring enemies.

All in all fuck this episode. Nought out of ten.

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