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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Lazy Sunday Thoughts

Posted on 2011.03.06 at 16:25
You know what I wonder, I wonder why a Lazy Susan is called a Lazy Susan. If you are not familiar with the gently spinning surface upon which foodstuffs can be placed and spun around very slowly then this entry won't make a whole heap of sense for you, except hey I guess I just neatly summarised the concept of a Lazy Susan for you so you can sit back relax and enjoy the rest of this well thought through analysis of the name Lazy Susan.

For the moment lets just ignore that the inanimate object is called Susan, that is perhaps an issue for another time, for today I think we can focus on the notion that it is lazy. This is unfair and tantamount to bullying. In terms of surfaces on which you can place food it is quite energetic. Seriously. Think about it, in this incredibly narrow category the only competition it has is from tables. While the gentle turn of a Lazy Susan could not profess to be very lively when compared to an Ariel Atom (by the way I watch Top Gear now so expect random references to cars now and again) when compared to an inanimate object it cannot help but come off as somewhat vigorous. And anyway who would want to put their food on a Brisk Susan? One that spins around so fast that anything placed upon it is flung off into the face of the person who wishes to eat it, probably precipitating some king of Brisk Susan aided food fight.

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