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Buffy - Willow and Tara

PopCo Is A Book I Am Reading

Posted on 2011.03.05 at 00:24
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I am almost at the end of PopCo and I feel that my experience with this book could neatly be summed up in one sentence, as could the events that have occured so far in the book. By the way that sentence that you just read, that was the sentence I was talking about. Put in a less confusing manner: nothing seems to have really happened so far in this book. A coded message here, the main character catches a cold and as a child has to try and fit in in high school but very little of any note. I'm not sure whether there is just not much happening or whether I'm missing the point? Although come to think of it, it's the former.

I will definately make the effort to finish it off though, because I am like fifty pages from the 'thrilling conclusion' whatever that turns out to be and I guess I am stubborn like that. Then I can read the Jasper Fforde books that turned up today. Amazon really can be ridiculously fast when it wants to be can't it?

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