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Tatu 3

Castle 3x17 - Countdown - Review

Posted on 2011.03.02 at 12:22
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You know I'm just waiting until a show calls one of it's episodes Review and then I'll be like:

A Show 4x13 - Review - Review.

Or even until a show called Review starts up and then I'll be all like:

Review 6x12 - Review - Review.

Or when we start using the word review instead of numbers and then well you can pretty much tell which dead end alley I am headed down with this incredibly pointless line of thought. In other news I have come here to review the latest episode of Castle.

This episode was the second half of a two parter but then again if you're reading this review I'd imagine that that is the kind of thing you'd already know. Last week there was a terrorist plot that was all a set up and there's a dirty bomb going to go off in the city. Nathan Petrelli was called in to head up the task force looking for the bomb and promptly decided to focus all his energy on barking up a dead end alley and ignoring all other possibilities. Castle and Beckett's idea of what is actually going on doesn't fit in with his rigid world view and they are tossed to the side, whereupon they find the bomb and get locked in a freezing cold shipping container, left to freeze to death while the mad bomber escapes!

This week picks up right from where it left off last week and it's down to Ryan and Esposito to be Big Damn Heroes, even if they can't get Adrian Pasdar to sign off on it. Although scenes where Castle and Beckett are in danger are never really what you can call tense (no matter how well acted or deadly a threat they are up against they are guaranteed to make it through alive) this was an incredible scene as Castle and Beckett fought to stay alive in the blistering cold. Castle was regretful, wishing that he had done something differently that would have saved them. Beckett was more accepting, upset but just happy that in the end they were together. Of course they didn't die but things looked dodgy for a moment. Esposito and Ryan came through and saved them both, and within mere minutes they were back on their feet and back on the team. Back looking for the mad bomber.

The storyline unfolded that it was a soldier disgruntled with the government trying to recreate 9/11 so that there would be more support for the troops and all that. It was pretty interesting. Adrian Pasdar was great as Jack Bauer (in a clever reference the insane patriot's cohorts were Jack Somebody and Somebody Bauer) in the interrogation. I know I was probably supposed to be siding with Beckett and Castle in the whole 'OMG Nathan Petrelli just stepped over the line or something i don't know' but I found myself siding with that character, whose name I really should have looked up or something (Mark Fallon apparently). Not to get all political again but in a situation like that where the choice is either obey protocol and get nothing from the suspect, or break protocol and perhaps get some information, then crossing the line is surely the best option. It was very good either way.

In the end Castle and Beckett were confronted with the bomb with only a minute to spare. No time for the bomb squad to arrive, no time for Mark Fallon to figure out how to disarm the bomb. Again the tension is mitigated because that bomb is never going to go off but damn was that scene amazing. There's a look between the two of them that harks back to the opening sequence. Beckett holding Castle's hand and accepting that there is nothing they can do, and Castle going for broke and cutting all the wires. Somehow it works and it's brilliant. The only thing that prevented this episode from being perfect would be the fact that they didn't end up together. Beckett's still with annoying doctor guy with a motorbike and Castle's still lonely and sad. But I don't see that state of affairs lasting forever so I can wait. If I was forced to score this episode I would give it a 9.9/10 As close to perfect as anyone gives a damn, but just a tiny smidgeon off. Still an excellent episode. Five thumbs up.

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