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A Take That Against News Media Everywhere!

Posted on 2011.03.01 at 00:51
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Guess what I've decided to do even if it kills me? Well actually from your perspective guessing really isn't necessary because the answer is update my damn dreamwidth/livejournal thing. And if you can see this then I guess I've already done it, even if it did kill me, and so there's little point in guessing what might happen when that thing has already happened. Also if it turns out that this is simply too much for me to handle then you'll never see it and never be invited to speculate on what I am going to have already done. Okay now that incredibly confusing treatise on the nature of guessing and the past is complete I suppose I will just have to come up with some clever things to say about the world and then I can sod off to bed.

So things that have happened in the world. If I was more politically minded I would have heaps of material to blather on about with regards to the situation wherein all the countries in Africa seem to be rebelling all at once. As I am a more self-involved individual I will instead regale you with stories about my own personal rebellion against the man. Specifically my own miniature thought rebellions against the BBC news. I have this thing wherein while watching the news and being told that people are terrorists or such a person is guilty of a crime of some description I instinctively think that the news is trying to bias brainwash us into believing these things and call in to question their basis in fact. I am such a rebel yes anyway. I don't know why I do this but it seems the more I am told a thing the more I come to suspect the opposite is true. I guess I suppose the news will probably take advantage of this fact now that I have put it out there and start telling us what has really happened so that those of us who are paranoid, I mean have enquiring minds, will believe the opposite; i.e. what they wanted us to think all along. By that point in time it will no longer be safe to believe anything is true any more and I will take refuge inside a cardboard box while cardboard angels rain chocolate apocalypse down upon us.

I guess that despite my whole 'i am so self involved' thing that was actually pretty political, right up until the whole chocolate apocalypse thing. I don't even know how that would work. Perhaps like how easter is celebrated with chocolate eggs (for some reason i don't understand but equally don't complain about) the chocolate apocalypse will probably be celebrated with little chocolate nukes. Or something. I don't know. I am tired and I think I might be coming down with a cold.

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