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Buffy - Willow and Tara

I Am Really Good At Sticking To Things

Posted on 2011.01.24 at 11:22
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The fact that I am not very good at sticking to one thing for very long is hardly a piece of information which was elucidated solely from the artvent fiasco. It is more a thing that I have known for a very long time and become frequently frustrated with myself about. Actually I am rather pleased that Artvent lasted as long as it did seeing as it was a spur of the moment idea, and one that required a lot of work for quite a minimal payoff (i.e. no payoff at all).

So now it's the year 2011 (twenty-eleven or two thousand and eleven: who cares?) and I just thought I best stick my head in and say a couple of things about stuff and then sod off and it'll probably be july before I do another entry in here. Actually I know I say who cares on the subject of the pronounciation of the dates but imagine if in 1999 and years previous we'd been saying one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. That would certainly make 'Party Like It's 1999' less catchy.

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