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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Why I Feel Sorry for November 2011

Posted on 2010.12.07 at 02:59
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So the other day I recieved my calendar for the new year and I had a quick leaf through as I am wont to do. I ordered a Buffy one because I was presented with several potentially good calendars and decided to go with one I knew would be really good, rather than risk a potential fiasco like the Watchmen calendar from this year. Anyway it's all good. There's all the usual characters in there: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Spike, Dawn, Anya Tara (looking practically unrecognisable). Oddly Cordelia, Angel and Oz all seem to be lacking pages in the calendar which I find odd. Maybe you don't Maybe you think 'well Cordelia and Angel are surely more suited to an Angel calendar seeing as they came to full fruition in the spinoff show of the same name, and Oz wasn't really in it for long enough to justify a full page in the calendar' and indeed you might be right if not for November 2011. Representing November 2011 is Riley! Remember Riley? That guy who Buffy went out with for a while who worked for 'The Initiative' and who nobody liked. Yeah that guy has his own calendar page. If this was twitter this is where I would say #calendarfail and then end the message because fuck this would be well too long for twitter, even with heavy editing I couldn't really get this down to 140 characters.

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