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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Artvent 5

Posted on 2010.12.05 at 15:35
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Clone 666 found himself drawn inexorably to the dark arts while in life. He dyed his hair an unusual colour and consorted with the spirits of the dead. When he met his unfortunate end he came up with an elaborate and quite frankly rubbish scheme to bring himself back to life. He breathed life into a formation of crystallised souls that would later be known as ‘Fool’s Paradiso’. The purpose of this creation was to lead unwary souls into his fake heaven trap whereupon he would feast upon their souls and get his life back. The key flaws in this plan was that Fool’s Paradiso was so intimidating that nobody would follow him, 666’s fake heaven was really unconvincing and even had he succeeded consuming the soul of another does not bring you back to life.

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