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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Chuck 4x01 - Chuck Versus The Anniversary - Review

Posted on 2010.09.23 at 11:12
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Yay! Chuck is back and there have been interesting developments in the meantime. I loved the end of the last series, it was one of those episodes that you sometimes get at the end of a series where the writers essentially say 'lets do this thing' or whatever and proceed to completely devestate the status quo of the series. Ellie found out about Chuck being a spy, Chuck's dad dies, the Buy More burns down and Jeff and Lester go on the run, Chuck promises not to be a spy any more, but secretly vows to track down his mother. I love episodes like that (WHAM episodes if you want to know what tvtropes labels them as) where anything can and will happen.

Before watching it I was having a hard time understanding if and how the Buy More would be reincorporated into the series. After all now that Chuck has fessed up over being a spy it would be kind of a step backwards to have him get his old job back. I thought this was what was going to have to happen through sheer inevitability, however I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the new owner of the Buy More was General Beckman and that it was to be a CIA front. This is incredibly clever, I only wonder how precisely Jeff and Lester are going to be reincorporated into the series now, given that if they were to work in the new improved Buy More wouldn't they have to know about Chuck being a spy? I suppose I will just have to watch the episodes and find out.

Anyway nevermind all that, the main gist of the episode is to do with Chuck's efforts to find his mother. To begin with he only involves Morgan in his spy activities, thinking that Casey and Sarah would have an issue with him or something, I don't know I don't think it was the best decision ever either. We, as the viewers, get some tantalising glimpses of the fate of Chuck's mother; or The Frost Queen if you prefer. It certainly seems like she is the current frontrunner to be the big villain of the series. Though I suppose we don't have much context on her imprisonment and it might turn out that she is actually one of the good guys, the merciless attitude she had when she was escaping from custody at the end suggests otherwise. I wonder how Chuck would deal with the development that his mother is a villain? While he dealt pretty well with the revelation that his dad was Orion at least he was one of the good guys, his mother being a straight up villain would be another kettle of fish altogether.

This episode was pretty great, there was certainly plenty going on, like for example the scenes with the Repo Man, Chuck's job interviews, The New Ring, and of course Morgan and Sarah sexting. Oh and Ellie is pregnant which is neither here nor there in that it doesn't really seem to affect the storylines of anything that I care about. Actually speaking of storylines that only I care about, I wonder if Anna is going to be back in it this series? Okay fine I guess I will shut up about Anna now, after all she has been removed from the titles. In fact this is my only real gripe with the program now. Everything else is good, but if they have found some way to retain Jeff and Lester then surely they could have found a way to keep Anna in the program, she was the best one.

Overall it gets a nine out of ten, only missing out on a perfect score because of the aforementioned absence of Julia Ling, which is probably not even the fault of the show if I was being at all rational, but this is me we're talking about here.

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