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House 7x01 - What Now? - Review

Posted on 2010.09.23 at 09:21
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So anyone who has had experience with my opinions on House in the past will know that the thing I have wanted for the longest time was for House and Cuddy to have a relationship and hey look, just when I get back into writing reviews they are having a real relationship. Or at least trying to have one with somewhat mixed success. While I'm all for the House/Cuddy relationship there were moments that were decidedly awkward that made even me question the viability of a successful relationship between the two of them. It seems like their relationship is really fragile, like one false move could send it careening into oblivion. I hope it doesn't of course, but it might.

The medicine took something of a back seat this week, in fact House or Cuddy, I forget which, explicitly said that they were more important than the hospital. In fact remember the times when I used to try and guess the medical mystery and guess what was a symptom and what was not? Well the medicine side of things was so downplayed this week that it did not even occur to me to attempt a guess. The storyline was that a neurosurgeon had to be present at the hospital at all times or bad things happen and the resident neurosurgeon was feeling ill for some reason and thus required diagnosis. The 'stoned' neurosurgeon was pretty good value for money, even if the correct diagnosis did seemed pretty much plucked out of thin air by Thirteen at the end of the episode.

And speaking of Thirteen, I know I am in the minority here but I really liked her as a character. In the episode she's going off to Rome to be part of this Huntington's trial and then at the end it turns out that this was a lie and she's gone missing and her phones have been disconnected, and well it seems likely that she's gone off somewhere and killed herself to save herself from a long drawn out death. Which is a shame, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens next. Since a female member of the team is practically mandatory I guess it's either time for a new character, or perhaps for Cameron to make a reappearance...?

Overall this has been a really good episode, mixing things up and setting up a new status quo for the series. My favourite part has to be the bit with Wilson breaking in through the window and then House eager to demonstrate that he was really with Cuddy, only to find an empty room. In the end I guess I'll give it an eight out of ten. It's interesting, but essentially it leaves you without any concrete answers, mainly I guess because the characters themselves don't have them. What has happened to Thirteen? Will House and Cameron last? Only watching further episodes will tell.

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