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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Warehouse 13 2x11 & 2x12 - Buried & Reset - Review

Posted on 2010.09.23 at 03:13
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So, hey, HG was a bad guy? Who would have guessed? Well everyone I suppose, but then again she was such a compelling character that part of me was hoping that she was genuine and god knows there were a couple of moments where I wasn't exactly sure. I'm kind of sad that she has gone, although I suppose technically speaking she isn't dead she could make some kind of a return. Although that does get me wondering about where they have taken her. I was given the distinct impression that it is some kind of awful place that Myka and Pete are best not knowing about, but in that same conversation the Bronze Vault was mentioned. Let's think about that one for a second why don't we? In the Bronze Vault you are encased in bronze and left there, frozen but aware, presumably forever. So that's a place in which people are trapped unable to move, unable to speak, unable to age or die, forever and ever, fully conscious. And this place where HG has been taken is so bad that it's best Myka and Pete don't know about it. You know what if it's that bad I don't want to know about it either, chances are it would be High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Oh and by the way in the massive gap in time I took from Livejournal/Dreamwidth tvtropes broke my mind, just so you know.

Anyway one brief sojourn into the realms of tvtropes later I have returned to finish my review. Yes so Buried: some kids stumble across Warehouse 2 and it becomes active again leading to problems with Mrs Frederick. This episode was very interesting. Not only with a glimpse into the past of the Warehouses but also with some clarification as to the nature of Mrs Frederick's role. Well I say clarification, there was enough to show the vague generalised nature of her role, without any of the specifics as to how it works or why it is necessary. More like a tease really I suppose but interesting nonetheless, and that Claudia is apparently the next in line no matter what she thinks about it is even more so. Artie tries to assuage her fears in the following episode but even as he promises that she does not have to become the next Mrs Frederick it looks like he knows that he's making a promise he can't keep. Intrigue.

One thing that was sad in Buried was Valder's death. Though not initially keen, and having previously been convinced that he was evil and all that, I actually really liked him as a character. Between this and Supernatural he's definately cemented his position as 'one of those actors I like' and I will be on the lookout for any future programs he might appear in. By the end of the episode, as HG runs off to 'look for a way to shut down the Warehouse' her betrayal is while not sudden, certainly inevitable. Which as I mentioned before is a shame. Also she dressed as Lara Croft for the exploration of Warehouse 2. This is a thing with which I cannot find fault. The trials were cool and interesting and if I had more time I would go into some detail with regard to the third trial and the perfect world that each of them saw and who it makes me feel the most sympathetic towards (hint: it's Myka. Pete and HG both saw themselves with loved ones, while all Myka saw was Artie telling her she was good at her job. In comparison it made her seem a litte pathetic that that is the thing that she wants the most. Plus add in that she leaves the warehouse (presumably until the next series?) at the end of Reset and suddenly her happytime seems the saddest of the three), but since I am on a tight schedule I am going to breeze right past that part and not even mention it even in parenthesis.

Ultimately the episode ends and I move onto the next episode. Here we find out that HG was playing the long game all along. Pretending to be all nice simply so that she would be trusted enough to join the warehouse, sending those kids to activate Warehouse 2 so that she would be part of the team sent to shut it down, so that she could get her hands on one of the artefacts therein. Everyone figured this out at roughly the same time, including myself, and I, like them, believed that she had gone after some kind of resurrection artefact to bring her daughter back to life, but we were mistaken. She instead went after the Minoan Trident, a powerful artefact, that if used in the right location can kick start another ice age. There was also a sideplot with Pete and his girlfriend, and he told her that he loves her so obviously something bad was going to happen that would split them up somehow. This came in the form of Lizzie Bordan's hand mirror causing her to want to kill Pete. After the situation was diffused, and it was by the capable hands of Claudia, the guilt at attacking Pete coupled with the reluctance to be part of a life in which such events are the rule rather than the exception causes her to flee the country or something. Nobody died but same net result. In the end Myka leaves, and I'm not 100% sure whether she has actually gone or whether it's one of those things where the start of the next series will begin with the team seeking her out. Kind of like the end of each series of Castle. Ultimately a really good pair of episodes which answer some questions and pose even more. I'd say it warrants a 9/10.

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