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Buffy - Willow and Tara

In Which I Try To Review Everything At Once

Posted on 2010.09.23 at 02:05
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So welcome to the Reviewstravaganza! I know the other day I was all like 'hey if it doesn't get reviewed then it doesn't get reviewed and with my busy life thems the breaks' well that kind of laissez faire attitude may be fine and dandy for some people but this is me with all my crazy compulsions that we are talking about. If one program is going to be getting reviewed then I am going to have to review them all. Blame my OCD. So today, either in a vast review post which is the one you are currently reading or a staccato series of review posts you will be reading reviews on Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You, Warehouse 13 2x11 & 2x12 - Buried and Reset, House 6x01 - Now What?, Chuck 4x01 - Chuck Versus The Anniversary, Gossip Girl 3x01 & 3x02 - Belles De Jour and Double Identities and Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair.

So first up only because it is chronologically first is Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You. I have been internet absent for the majority of this series and so have not shared my opinions on the storyline thus far. In brief my opinions are along the lines of 'oh my god this storyline is great'. As a rule I love time travel stories and I would have been satisfied had the extent of the time travel been the visit to the past in Founder's Day, but as the episode ended and it showed tantalising hints as to how the future had been changed and Doctor Grant being stuck in the future, well that was just icing on the cake. This series thus far has been great. Not only has it had an ongoing time travel storyline but it did a crossover episode with another great series, which it actually inspired me to start watching and which I will be reviewing episodes of later on (Warehouse 13 just in case you are wondering, though I'm sure much humour could be derived from imagining what a crossover episode between Eureka and say... Gossip Girl would be like I simply do not have the time. I am on a tight schedule for reviewing. I have approximately one day before more things are on and I have to review them. This is the only time I can hope to get my reviews up to date. Now focus). So as I was saying time travel is great, which is good because there is further time travel hijinks in this episode as Beverly Barlowe (way back from series one! remember her?) offers Grant the opportunity to go back to the past with the knowledge that he has now. Essentially absolute power, but we all know what absolute power does absolutely? Anyway he and Carter end up back in the past reliving the events of Founder's Day again. Oh wait I've kind of glossed over the whole 'Carter and that woman whose name I really should know... Allison got together at long last' thing didn't I? Well that happened this series as well and was also good. Oh and Henry is with this woman who he just met in Founder's Day but thanks to altered timelines he has been married to for ages, and that is also a fantastic storyline that has been playing out. You know what I have to stay focused. I could go over every detail of the altered timeline and systematically give my opinion on each one but I am on a deadline so I will get on with it. So Allison dies, only she doesn't really die because obviously she isn't really going to stay dead she is one of the main two characters. Grant comes to realise that what they did was a mistake and attempts to change the future so that Allison will still be alive. Oh and did I mention that the period of time in which they have arrived, in true Back to the Future 2 style, is the same period of time in which they turned up before, only now they not only have to avoid detection from the guards but also their past selves and make sure that they don't mess up the timeline too bad. Essentially this can be summarised as Weird Time Shit, which is one of my favourite things. Seriously you should have seen me during series five of Lost. In the end all seems lost, but then they manage it and save the day and everything is fine. Allison is un-deaded, Grant leaves and Beverley decides she wants to break up Carter and Allison or something I don't even know. This episode is the closest anyone will ever get to making a TV version of Back To The Future 2, and this is a good thing. Perhaps the best thing. Oh and Zane likes Jo again, which is also good. Best series yet, best episode so far. 10/10.

Coming up next: Warehouse 13.

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