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Buffy - Willow and Tara

In Which I Try To Do Everything At Once

Posted on 2010.09.21 at 03:18
Current Mood:: stressedstressed
On the one hand I am currently playing Dragon Age: Origins, on another hand I am currently replaying Mass Effect in an effort to get all of the achievements (in fact at the moment I am stood in front of a Citadel Rapid Transport Terminal firing Neural Shocks as and when they become available), I am also reading The Dark Tower books (midway through The Wizard and The Glass), run a series of adventures on the MSPA Forums (though admittedly they haven't updated for a while), participate in a bunch of Grand Battles, rewrite The Principalities, write actual books, watch far too many TV programs (this includes catching up with programs with which I am not currently up to date) and watch all the films that have built up on my DVD/HDD recorder. This is to name a few.

This is the reason I cannot ever do anything, because I am too busy trying to do everything.

Also on a sidenote I am probably not going to attempt to review every TV program that I watch because that road leads to madness. I might still attempt to review the odd one should the mood take me and if it happens to be a particuarly good one. But needs must as the devil drives and I should probably go and do one of those things I mentioned before.

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