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Dirty Sexy Money 2x07 - The Facts - Review

Posted on 2010.09.17 at 03:42
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So I've just watched this episode of Dirty Sexy Money, specifically that one episode that was took off air for some reason and really confused me all week long and which I consequently never saw. And for some reason I am about to do a review on it. Nevermind that I have pending reviews I could be doing on Eureka, Gossip Girl and Warehouse 13. Today is all about reviewing stuff that I should have watched two years ago.

As it approached the end I found it to have been an interesting episode, adding very little to the series, but being generally good in a strange sort of heres some stuff that happened but wasn't really important enough to show you before now, or as that is usually known 'retcons'. Actually were Clark's stories supposed to be contradictory to previously established facts? If so then I totally didn't get that, probably because I'm watching this two years after the fact and I can't really remember the details of what happened in DSM. Either way when the big reveal came at the end I was really impressed with the episode and with Clark himself. I remember him being an okay character but this level of blatant off the cuff lying makes him the Keyser Soze of Dirty Sexy Money. Which is totally a good thing.

IDE/THEORY: Had DSM continued on into later seasons it would have eventually transpired that Clark was the big villain who killed Dutch and whatever else the program was about.

Oh and it was cool to see Anna in it again. I mean Juliet. I really missed her in season two even though her storylines never really went anywhere and were kind of completely irrelevant to the rest of the program. She was still pretty cool. So with that in mind lets judge this completely irrelevant episode of Dirty Sexy Money. I guess I give it seven out of ten. It was a good episode with a clever twist and some good, if not 100% true storylines going on in it. Juliet fighting the rebellion in the Coqe Islands in particular is going to stick with me, I just know it.

Also I really did try to find an applicable 'strangely appropriate song' for this review and this was the closest I could get. Get it? ChocoLATE? Because it's two years late? ...Yeah ...I know.

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