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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Psych 5x09 - One, Maybe Two, Ways Out - Review

Posted on 2010.09.10 at 12:13
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For me some of Psych's best episodes are episodes that are homages to certain films say for example 'Tuesday the 17th' or 'The Devil Is In The Details... And The Upstairs Bedroom'. This episode is one of those, with Shawn and Gus getting drawn into the world of international espionage. A spy on the run needs their help to find a man who can make her disappear and so things unfold replete with shifting allegiances and buckets of suspicion and deceit. It was fun to watch Shawn ricocheting from one side to another, unsure of who to trust.

Ultimately the upshot of the episode is that Juliet overheard Shawn being Serious Shawn for once and confessing his feelings for her to Gus, and being rapt with indecision whether to stay with Declan or to be with Shawn. Declan by the way has now stopped being like another Shawn and has developed a personality of his own; that of a mega-billionare who has what is almost a compulsion to be honest. He's a fun character and I kind of don't mind him sticking around for now, though I imagine things will probably change when Juliet breaks up with him and he won't be quite so pleasant any more. On a related note I am having a bit of suspicion to his character, I think he might perhaps be Mister Yin? I know that storyline is supposed to be being concluded soon so who knows?

Overall this episode was pretty great. Spy stuff and excitement and I really enjoyed the bits with that guy who can make people disappear. I give this episode eight thumbs up and a circular pool which maybe you can swim around in circles in.

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