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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Psych 5x08 - Shawn 2.0 - Review

Posted on 2010.09.09 at 23:49
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Oh hey I don't think I'm going to review this episode...

So I know I am like a week behind but there were issues with watching the episode and I have just watched it today. In this episode Lost's Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) (also by the way doesn't Nestor Carbonell sound like a really stupid and fake name?) stars as the latest in a long line of 'people who are similar to Shawn and thus he gets annoyed at them'. Don't get me wrong I like this kind of an episode, I loved Viagra Falls the other week, but even for my taste this is getting to be an all too common occurance. Thankfully the frequency of encountering people who happen to be just like Shawn was lampshaded in the conversation between him and his dad.

Declan, no not that one, irked Shawn by not only being quicker, better liked and more correct than him, but also for asking Juliet out, sheer moments before Shawn was about to. Which actually I think is probably fair enough, Shawn has had the best part of five years to ask Juliet out and has so far made very little progress in that direction. Anyway Shawn starts thinking he is a fake after he hears Declan quoting word for word from Internity and what do you know he turns out to be right, more or less, apart from the fact that Declan isn't a serial killer. In the end very little is actually resolved, they still don't like one another, Shawn has extra reason to hate Declan, seeing as he exposed himself as a fraud simply to win Juliet's affections. It should be interesting to watch what happens next and while I certainly don't want him sticking around forever I will definately be enjoying it while he is on the show, because you know, Nestor Carbonell is pretty awesome.

Overall I'd say it's probably a seven out of ten, not one of the best episodes but far from the worst either. Oh and apparently some guy out of some band was on it. Shawn really liked him or something I don't know? Whatever.

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