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Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC - Review

Posted on 2010.09.09 at 14:12
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So remember when I said that Minerva's Den was going to be the new standard to which I hold up all DLC and if it doesn't measure up then it's automatically rubbish or something like that? Well I kind of rescind that a little bit because Minerva's Den was clearly exceptional DLC and though Lair of the Shadow Broker is in comparison short; not requiring me to take a couple of days to complete it, it is still a very good peice of DLC that I should not be forced to judge harshly just to stay consistent to things I have said before.

Anyhow I was very excited for this specific peice of DLC, not only because it focused around Liara (who was one of my favourites of the original squad, and the love interest of my Shepard), but also because it revolved around the enigmatic Shadow Broker. A mysterious man whose reach and power was practically unparalleled. Sometimes when information is revealed about an enigmatic character you cannot help but feel disappointed; their mysteriousness turning out to be the very thing you liked about them. I am happy to say that the Shadow Broker is not like this. The sole spacefaring member of a speices so brutal that they put the krogan to shame, and so potentially intelligent that they give the salarians a run for their money. The Shadow Broker is a powerful foe and the confrontation with him makes for a satisfying, if easy, battle.

Though I was a little disappointed that Liara does not become a permanent squad member, I think the Lair itself makes up for this. On the one hand the Lair is useful for comissioning missions to earn credits, and for setting up mining operations to earn more minerals: very practical uses. But on the other you have the dossiers terminal and the video terminal: which provide tons of lore and more than a few laughs (check out Legion's dossier!). The fights are fun, and backed with some very funny comments from Liara (I do wish that my other squad member had had a little more to say however) and overall it is a very enjoyable experience. If I was forced to come up with something that was wrong with it I would have to say a couple of the 'paragon moments' in the middle of the game conversation with Liara were not what I expected them to be, and I would not have picked them had I had a clearer idea what they represented. However this is a minor issue which could have easily been resolved by using a dialogue wheel to indicate what staying silent and what speaking out would entail. Overall this was a very good, and very worthwhile peice of DLC. I give it nine thumbs up and a copy of Vaenia.

Oh and note the strangely appropriate song.

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