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Party Cat

Warehouse 13 2x10 - Where and When - Review

Posted on 2010.09.09 at 03:09
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So hey look I am doing more reviews and stuff. Reviewing stuff is fun. Warehouse 13 is an awesome, and relatively new program that I have started watching. While originally I only did it in preparation for it's crossover episode with Eureka I can definately say that it is a worthwhile show of it's own merit and definately worth watching.

The thing I loved most about this episode, besides the fact that both Jaime Murray and David Anders are in it was the time travel. It's very clever the way that what at first seemed to be one thing, is ultimately, with nothing changing in the interim completely different when you reach the end of the episode. Like for example Rate's obituary; if you aren't looking at it from the perspective of 'this guy is a bad guy' then you realise that the message to Jack and Rebecca smarmily 'thanking' them for what they did for him is actually a sincere thanks. Like I said this episode is very clever.

Actually I suppose I've kind of jumped the gun with this review, charging past all the preamble and introductory stuff to get straight into the nitty gritty of time travel mechanics. So now I've got it out of my system I'll go back and review the episode like a sensible sane person might do; in a logical order, and with logical and well thought through analysis of the episode. As if. Anyway, this episode is the first one since HG became part of the team (you can try all you like Mika, you are not going to get me to call her Helena) and Artie is furious. He still doesn't trust her, even after she has helped the rest of the team a couple of times, and honestly I am not sure what to think any more. On the one hand she seems harmless enough, on the other hand people don't get bronzed for nothing. The one thing I am sure of with regard to HG is that the more she is in the program the better. So being a Warehouse agent, which promises to be potentially disasterous in the weeks to come, is great for now.

So Rebecca (the retired warehouse agent from one of the episodes in season one) comes back and wants them to look into a case so cold it has frozen over. She shares the detail that she and her partner blacked out for 22 hours and 19 minutes and HG is suddenly all over it, she knows partially what happened back then, for she once built the world's weirdest time machine. Ultimately this whole episode boils down to one of the world's oddest predestination paradoxes. Pete and Mika only travelled back because Rebecca and Jack blacked out and thus didn't solve the case properly; this being a consequence of Pete and Mika travelling back in time. Ultimately Rebecca travelled back in time to give Jack one last kiss; their first kiss which ignited their relationship. That whole thing in addition to being very sad and poetic (in terms of their relationship coming full circle) was also mind-blowing. If they'd never had that kiss they wouldn't have got together, and so Rebecca would never have gone back and kissed him. My brain has just exploded.

Ultimately the experience may have slightly softened Artie towards HG and has either way certainly calmed him down a bit. Overall this episode was great and what's more David Anders was in it, which I suppose makes sense because David Anders is also great. Bittersweet, exciting and confusing as hell, I'd rate this episode a nine out of ten on the 'how good was this episode scale'. This is totally a real scale that I did not just make up.

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