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Tatu 19

Bioshock 2 DLC Review

Posted on 2010.09.05 at 19:30
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Bizarre as it may sound I am actually finding enjoyment in updating my journals again so I figured I would go the whole hog and start reviewing stuff again. See here for some other stuff I have reviewed. And I thought I would get the ball rolling with a review of a couple of DLC packs for Bioshock 2 that I downloaded the other day: The Protector Trials and Minerva's Den.

So first up in terms of chronology is The Protector Trials as it was released before Minerva's Den, although I might argue that if we're going in terms of chronology we should do Minerva's Den first because I played that one first. On the other hand I could just review one of them and get on with it and actually I'll probably do that.

The Protector Trials then. It hasn't any plot to speak of, just a series of trials in which you must protect your Little Sister from slathering hordes of splicers. To make this more challenging you are given different loadouts of plasmids and weapons which you must make use of in order to protect the Little Sister to the best of your ability. This was a really good peice of DLC; the different loadouts forcing you to really think about your tactics for the upcoming fight, and producing tense and unusual combat. It was in some places really challenging (the trial without any weapons for example) and in order to complete the achievements I had to redo a whole bunch of trials until I had them down. I definately think it is value for money; an enjoyable way to pass an afternoon. The one thing that let it down a little bit was that all the locations were recycled from Bioshock 2 itself. It might have been a bit much to ask for them to invent new locations simply to be used in The Protector Trials but it did at times feel a little like 'I have done all this before'. Overall I give this DLC six and a half thumbs up, and a trap spear to the stomach.

Next up is Minerva's Den. This peice of DLC is more like the actual game than a series of challenges, and is very well done. The storyline in this game, while probably not as good as the storyline of the original (though it could have been if it had been longer, to further develop the characters and find some way to tie your moral choices into the storyline) blows the storyline of Bioshock 2 out of the water (so to speak). First up it contains an actual twist which I will now spoil so stop reading if you don't like that kind of thing. The whole Sigma-Porter-Thinker twist in this game was very clever in that during play I suddenly figured out that Porter was in fact the Thinker, and then sat there all smug thinking I had solved the twist of Minerva's Den, only to be blindsided as it was revealed that you are Porter. Probably the only time I have simultaneously figured out a twist ahead of time, and also been surprised by it. Minerva's Den was fun to explore, with special consideration going to the Spitfire game in the Operations area and the Vaccumbots which I felt were a very good addition to the game. The Climate Control area was also very cool with the very unexpected Wintry Houdini Splicers. Overall this was a terrific experience and the best peice of DLC I have ever purchased. It is the standard to which I will hold up all future DLC. I give this ten thumbs up and the charred remains of a Vaccumbot.

Also notice the return of the strangely appropriate song. This is when my Now Playing Song just happens to sync up in some strange way with the topic I am discussing. Todays for example is Behind The Sea by P!ATD, and Rapture is a city that is beneath the sea and that's good enough for me. What do you mean this feature is contrived, it's totally a coincidence, honest!

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