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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Random Review - Addendum

Posted on 2010.09.05 at 02:52
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So it turns out that Horatio, the guy zapping me remember?, is actually a really big fan of tennis and when he saw me typing all those opinions that he didn't agree with he decided to take matters into his own hands...

By which I mean he put down the taser on a stick and invited Elton John around to sing an explanatory song about how tennis is really great. So Elton came around, brought me some strawberries and cream as it happens, and explained to me why tennis is so great through the medium of song. And so now I think tennis is great. Therefore I'd like to amend the scores of the last review. It now occurs to me that angels playing tennis is fanciful rubbish that should be frowned upon, both literally and figuratively, and that Ángeles Montolio is a pretty cool girl who is while not the best, certainly above the average tennis player. I now rate her to be 40/game, which is more tennis speak for you poor souls who haven't embraced the wonder of tennis into your life. Join us... Join us...

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