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Buffy - Willow and Tara

I Really Should Be Less Surprised

Posted on 2010.08.29 at 02:05
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This week I am mainly attempting to complete Mass Effect 2 on Insanity Difficulty, which has turned out to be insanely difficult. Really I should be less surprised, but there you go. Were it not for the Insanity Mode achievement; the last one I need to declare the game fully completed, perhaps I wouldn't have even entertained the possibility of attempting this game on such an absurd difficulty. As of the now I am contemplating giving up on it entirely, considering the amount of difficulty I am having with enemies which are normally a pushover. When it comes to fighting the collectors and Harbinger I kind of think that I won't really stand a chance. But on the other hand I am not very good at giving up on things.

So I guess that's it then. I guess this entry isn't really a comedyfest of jokes and japes and hijinks and shenanigans, but Mass Effect 2 is a serious business. Also I really want to purchase Fallout 3 and I really need someone to talk me out of it.

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