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Buffy - Willow and Tara

In Which I Vastly Overestimate The Pulling Power of Benjamin McKenzie

Posted on 2010.08.23 at 15:24
When I say pulling power I don't mean physical strength, or attractiveness or whatever. It's a term I have just this moment invented for the ability of an actor I like to lure me into watching a brand new program; like how Nathan Fillion got me watching Castle, or how David Boreanaz got me watching Bones. In this entry I will primarily ranting about how much I did not enjoy new Benjamin McKenzie show Southland. It's a program about, well I'm not entirely sure what it is about because it was also vague and freeform. The screentime seeemed to be shared so equally between all nine hundred main characters that I was left without a clear idea of the personalities or specific functions of any one of them. And you know what, that's pretty much all I have to say about the program. There was so much going on that it felt like there was very little actually going on. Looking back at it I couldn't tell you what was a main storyline, what was supposed to be engaging, or important, who was a main character and who was not. Just... bluh.

I have had this a couple of times now with various different programs that I thought I would like to get into and then just felt massively let down at the end of the first episode. For example a while ago there was Being Erica that I was watching. Okay actually I don't suppose I was hugely let down by that one and only stopped watching because I could not really find any way to continue watching (availability issues), but even that had issues. The concept was pretty interesting. Time travel and trying to put right the things that you did wrong in your life, but one of the things that annoyed me was that the main character, I'm going to hazard a guess that her name was Erica, seemed to waste this fantastic opportunity that I'm sure most sane people would leap at. And then the lesson that she had learnt from her time in the past felt very forced and unnaturalistic. Maybe it got better, as I said I was willing to give this program a second chance, but for availability issues.

Then take for example The L Word. This is something of a no-brainer. This is the kind of program that I should love. Yet I couldn't even make it through the first episode. I don't know what it was that caused me to be so disinterested in a program about lesbians (seriously I did not know that this could happen), but something about it was just making me lose the will to live. And then the other week I watched the first episode of this program called Sanctuary and it was just the same thing. It sounds like a program that I would be interested in but I could not have cared any less about the characters or anything.

I suppose the only thing all these four programs have in common is me, and maybe I should check to see if I am having some kind of a depression or something, after all retrospectively I can't see how any of these programs could have been worse than watching There Will Be Blood and I managed to sit through all of that. Moreover if I do have some kind of depression then I am totally blaming that overlong oil-based melodrama. Oh and by the way, yes. From now on every single entry I make will have some oblique reference to There Will Be Blood and just how bad it was. This is my punishment onto the rest of the world for making a movie that mind-numbingly bad.

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