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Buffy - Willow and Tara

What Is This?

Posted on 2010.08.22 at 23:31
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I guess I should really only do an entry when I have something valid to say or some opinion I wish to express, such as the fact that I dislike There Will Be Blood or something, I just kind of figured that since I hadn't spewed my ideas and thoughts and stuff and junk out across my dreamwidth/livejournal accounts for a while perhaps I would have had some kind of build up, a whole bunch of ideas slowly fermenting trapped inside my journalling stomach. And woah didn't that metaphor turn horrible and disgusting? The point I was ever so crudely trying to make is that I haven't had an opinion for a while so I should have like a surplus of opinions just ready to burst forth and hijack your mind, taking you on a non-stop whirlwind adventure of fun and enlightenment.

For example Big Brother; I'm sure everyone is keen to hear my stance on the rotting corpse of channel 4's reality tv cash cow. Well this year I have actually been watching it, as opposed to other years when I just watch them go in and go 'oh my god what a bunch of freaks' and then pray that I never have to encounter one of them on the streets. Well I thought that seeing as I had some kind of fondness for the program in the past that I would make the effort and watch the final ever series (until Channel 4 realises the amount of potential cash they are throwing away and brings it back under a slightly different name (personally I hope they retitle it: Davina McCall's Orwellian Nightmare)). This year has been pretty typically dull and I have made every effort to abandon the stupid program, but somehow don't seem to be able to wriggle free of it's clutching strands of televisual webbing. To my great relief it will be coming to a semi-conclusion on Tuesday night, pausing only to momentarily lick it's wounds and then relaunching as Ultimate Big Brother. I guess I will probably get sucked into watching that as well. :/

Also by the way I was saying about how I like to watch a double feature at the local cinemaplex, well gone are the days in which that is some kind of possibility. After checking my local listings it seems that nowadays all films are scheduled for the exact same time and the gaps in between the showings are broken up by hours of endless tedium with literally no movies being shown. It just seems kind of a waste if you ask me. I mean if there was one on in the morning and one in the afternoon I might patronize the cinema twice in one day, possibly even buying two lots of foods and drinks. As it is I'm liable to just see Scott Pilgrim and give the other two a miss until they are available in a format that I can view in the comfort of my own bedroom. Nice work cinemas you have just wormed your way out of being given money. Well done.

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