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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Better than a guitar made of smaller guitars:

Posted on 2010.01.03 at 01:11
You know how people when they move somewhere new they become immersed in that language and it's apparently a good way to learn it, and how people pick up accents from living in places. That kind of thing. Well I get that. Not from living in other places though, I haven't done that. I get that from watching a lot of certain programs where a distinctive accent/mannerism is prevalent. For example a while ago when I used to listen to Russell Brand a lot I would pick up bits and pieces of his vocabulary and start using them. Same happened after I had a scrubs binge and I started talking like Dr Cox. Recently I've been watching rather a lot of Gavin and Stacey which I have to admit is a pretty lush program (that one was intentional) and then when I've been talking to people I've found myself unintentionally speaking with a welsh accent. I figure I'm probably really impressionable and the kind of person that Derren Brown would love to have at his shows. I mean if I'm so suggestible I can accidentally change my accent from watching a TV program think of what kind of suggestive mind powers he'd be able to use on me. Anyway so the point is that if Derren Brown is listening I'm essentially angling for tickets to a show. This might sound like an absurd thing to do but after daring to suggest that Derren Brown liked hypnotising himself into a lesbian in his spare time I recieved a confusing email from the confusing email wing of his business empire. So if you're reading this then tickets would be greatly appreciated. Failing that a DVD maybe. If that's still too much trouble how about a picture of his face I can gaze wistfully at or a lock of his hair? I'm easy really.

Anyway I'm off for now. Off to further degrade my grasp of the noble Mancunian accent. Bye for now.

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