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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2009.12.30 at 21:14
You know when it's windy out, right? I mean like when it's really windy. Not when there's just a bit of a breeze. I mean really proper windy. When it's so windy that the wind is making your windows vibrate so loudly that they sound like they are about to explode.

God I hate it when that happens. Not when your windows explode. I don't know if any windows have exploded, though I would imagine that it would be a pain if they did. I am hiding under my duvet in the hope that it's comfort and warmth will protect me from the deadly shower of glass when the window does eventually give in to the hurricane force winds. I'm not massively hopeful, but you never know do you? Worse things happen at sea so they say. Actually who says that? I know I just said it then but I was only saying it in the way that I was saying that other people say it. It is not a viewpoint I personally hold. If I had a saying like that mine would probably be 'worse things happen with snakes'. Whenever someone says to me that something could be worse I instinctively say 'yeah there could be snakes as well'. I held a snake once. It wasn't so bad, except now I only have one eye. Nevermind.

Anyway the wind is really windy and I am not going outside. The end.

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