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Buffy - Willow and Tara

That Weird Bit In Between Christmas and New Year

Posted on 2009.12.28 at 19:03
Current Mood:: amusedamused
This time of the year, traditionally known as 'that weird bit in between christmas and new year' is a very confusing time. It's not difficult to lose track of what day it is, what's going on, or to a certain extent who and where you are. It is for this reason that I call it Uncertainty Week. Well I haven't actually called it that before, but I like it and I have decided that from now on 'that weird bit in between Christmas and New Year' is to be officially known as Uncertainty Week. Tell your friends! With your help this could be the biggest holiday since Earth Day!

In other news I have officially connected my dusty old Livejournal account to my shiny new Dreamwidth account via the wonder of crossposting. Which, despite what it sounds like, is not sending crucifixes through the mail. Although to be fair that would be far more interesting than sitting here reading my witterings about how Dreamwidth is the shiny technological future and Livejournal is some kind of lumbering behemoth. You should all go and post crucifixes to one another instead. Not the little necklace crucifixes either. Nobody is going to be impressed by that. Post a full sized wooden cross or don't post anything at all. That's always been my motto in life.

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