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Heroes - Adam Munroe

Dear Tim Kring

Posted on 2009.10.21 at 00:16
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
I have enjoyed your series Heroes for a good few years now, even though I haven't always agreed with some of the decisions (like how could you kill off Adam Munroe. David Anders was amazing) but there's one cop out going on at the moment that I can't help but feel like you could done so much better. I loved the end of the last series with Nathan getting killed and Sylar getting mindwiped into thinking he's Nathan. That was a really clever thing to do. And I loved the big reveal as Sylar climbed out of the grave and it's like oh god it's sylar again. What you should have done however is had him still be Nathan, just in Sylar's body. It makes sense Sylar's body regenerating back into Sylar because that's it's original shape. It doesn't make sense that it would wipe all of his memories though. Plus also could you imagine Nathan walking around, not knowing how he's still alive, not knowing why he's in Sylar's body. Maybe finding out what his mother did and confronting her over it. That would have been amazing. Instead you go with 'he loses his memories and joins the circus...' erm... sorry but that's a bit lame. Not only does it not make sense it's also a massive cop out on what could have happened and it makes me sad.

Yours sincerely


P.S. Bring back Claude. He was awesome.

P.P.S. If you do bring back Claude don't kill him off immediately.

P.P.P.S. If you do bring him back and then kill him off immediately, don't!


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