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I Don't Know

Posted on 2009.06.11 at 22:50
God I am getting really bad at remembering The Mentalist. Almost completely forgot about it last week then when I did remember I accidentally taped the wrong side. Did completely forget about it this week and it turned out that even if I had remembered then we would have been unable to watch it because freeview had broke. You know what is annoying me? This bloody digital switchover. I mean putting aside for now how bad of an idea it is, it's been advertised for ages now. They've not just been going on about it for days or weeks or months. They've been talking about this digital switchover for years. Yes we know. You're turning off all the terrestrial broadcasts like the twats that you are. Now can you please either stop doing terrestrial broadcasts or just fuck off already. I swear if I have to see that stupid little robot riding around the country in his stupid little van one more time I'm going to react in disproportionately angry manner. It's not like it's a good idea that's going to help anyone anyway. People who don't have digital will be unable to watch TV any more (yeah like there's anyone who doesn't have digital any more) and the rest of us will be unable to tape one side and watch the other. Anyway... erm... what was I talking about? I don't know. I'm going to go on The Sims 3. It's dead good you know.

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