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Buffy - Willow and Tara

The Sims 3

Posted on 2009.06.10 at 22:53
The Sims 3 is awesome. I thought it would be good but I was not prepared for the sheer deluge of awesome that it turned out to be. I was thinking it would be like more of the same but with shiny new graphics and with less restrictions on where you can go but it's like completely different. I was really just getting it because it was like a fresh start and it would have been fine if it had just been that but I'm properly impressed by how properly impressive it is. Have more or less not stopped playing since it installed. Well... since it installed and I figured out why it was constantly crashing and remedied the problem. Stupid refresh rates. By the way I've decided that my new computer is awesome now. It's been a funny old week with this new computer. It started at awesome when I'd just got it and it was all shiny and new. The next day it plummeted to infuriatingly bad as it actively tried to make me hate it. Then I conquered my problems with it by careful relocation of the USB stick controlling the mouse and keyboard and since then it had been on tolerable. What a week! Anyway I guess I'm going to go and get back on it now. You know, because I'm addicted and all that.

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