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Cube - Classic

Reading Day!

Posted on 2009.06.09 at 09:41
So yesterday I read. All day more or less. I stopped only to eat meals and watch Ashes to Ashes and in the process I managed to read the entirity of the new Dexter book. It was good. It was tons better than the third book in the series which fails on a spectacular level. I was a bit disconcerted when I heard a spoilery spoiler for the next novel which will be titled Dexter Is Delicious but so long as there is no ancient mystical god with it's own ancient mystical cult trying to kill Dexter then I think we're probably okay.

Ashes to Ashes was good as well. It had the best and most hilarious plot twist ever. It was very unexpected but contained a quality that suggested in retrospect we should have seen it coming. I think I've given up trying to form coherant theroies as to what precisely is going on in Ashes to Ashes and when the next series rolls around I'll just sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

Today I think I'm probably going to read again. I've still got Dune to go at. I think I might sit and read that and anxiously await the arrival of the postman with the hope that he brings me The Sims 3. I have ordered it off amazon you see. I'm not just hoping that the postman is going to suddenly decide to buy me a present of The Sims 3. Although that would be awesome. Anyway I'm off. Dune isn't going to read itself.

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